We believe in knowledge sharing. Teaching technical skills is one of our passions. We also dislike hate wordy manuals. This is our other passion: we believe you should be able to set your teeth into new technology quickly and learn as you go. The books we have published support this mission.

You will likely notice a pattern through the books below: they help you either bring technologies together for cross-platform development or help you transfer your knowledge of one language and platform to another, so you can hit the ground running when you want to add another skill under your belt.


Migration to Swift from Flash and ActionScript

This book helps you learn programming with Swift for iOS from scratch. It's written especially for developers who have experience with Flash and ActionScript, as it lets you build on the knowledge you have already. Flash and ActionScript however are not essential for you to start making (and selling) iOS apps with Swift.

mark roggers

ceo, futurist labs

“This is great – just what I need. It helps me understand Swift from an AS3 background, but it also gets me through the necessary environment and tools plumbing and shows me how to use the neat things iOS can do. It’s detailed, expert, and wry enough to make me smile. Top.”




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