We have been sitting on this for a couple of years, unsure of whether it’s worth making another Camera ANE release. But with more than 300 downloads of our Camera Tutorial for iOS we thought you readers spoke loud and clear.

While the Camera Tutorial shows you step-by-step how to connect to the iOS camera, capture frames from it and wrap all of this in an ANE, this new release has a lot more functionality and supports Android too. Below is the list of features…

What’s in the Camera Driver ANE

  1. Connection to the native camera for capturing frames from it
  2. Orientation control
  3. Camera settings:
    • resolution
    • frame rate
    • focus
    • exposure
    • white balance
    • point of interest, so you can choose a point for exposure, focus and white balance by tapping on the screen
    • flash control
    • switching between cameras
  4. Geometry filters for image manipulation
    • rotation
    • translation
    • cropping
  5. iOS and Android support
    Note: not all features are supported on Android yet. Check out the API reference and let us know what else you want included.

Want it?

Download the DiaDraw Camera Driver ANE here for iOS, Android or for iOS + Android.

Want the source code?

Let us know in the comments below. Our initial plans don’t include releasing of the source code, but we’d rather let you have a vote on that. If a big enough number of people want it, why not?

About the Author

Radoslava is co-founder of DiaDraw. Prefers to communicate with images. Verbal communication always caused trouble with her parents. Started speaking Basic early on, followed by four years of Delphi, six years of C++, four years of ActionScript, lately converses in Objective-C. Her mum and dad hope she'll start speaking human at some point.