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Augmenting your team with software experts

Each of our software engineers has 6 - 10 years of experience and has several areas of specialisation. We are also versed in agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

Project Management

This is usually a good option when you need to save your management resource and have projects or parts of projects you can delegate.

Product Owning

We get to know your business domain and the needs of your clients closely. This lets us help translate client needs and desires into software, bridging any communication gaps in the process.

Estimation Workshops

Time and budget estimations are a complex task which we take very seriously. If you have an idea and need help working out how long it would take and how much it would cost to develop, you can lean in on our expertise

Who do we help

Outsourcing Companies

Our outsourcing clients can say yes to big projects and augment their teams with specific skills at the right time for as long as needed.

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Product Companies

Companies marketing their own products often benefit from our project management and software development skills.

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We help startups test ideas and get to market quickly with our rapid MVP development.

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Specialists for hire

Before beginning to work together, we make sure we are a good fit: Do we know and understand you domain?


Team hire

We select developers to work on your project and arrange for you to meet and interview them online.


Building a tech team

The work is broken into stages, a.k.a. sprints, so that you have something working at the end of each sprint.


Overall management and development of a project

The work and the deliverables for each sprint are planned during a sprint planning meeting.



We help you release and deploy your software. You now have a go-to team for your next software challenge.


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