Error message

VerifyError: Error #1014: Class com.your.package::YourNativeExtension could not be found.


You will typically see this error message at run-time, when your project uses an external library, which was not linked in the final executable. When this is a native extension, it means that your application was packaged without the extension (ANE).


Make sure the .ane file of the native extension is included in the final package – see the examples below for ways to do it.


1. On the command line

Add the path to your native extension with the -extdir option, when you call ADT to package your app:

adt -package
    -target ipa-debug-interpreter
    -storetype pkcs12
    -keystore path/to/your/ios_developer_private_key.p12
    -storepass YourAppStorePassword
    -provisioning-profile path/to/your/iOS_Team_Provisioning_Profile_.mobileprovision
    -C .  YourApp.swf
    -platformsdk path/to/the/platform/SDK
    -extdir path/to/your/native/extension

2. In Flash Builder

Select Project > Properties > Flex Build Packaging and make sure that the Package checkbox in the package you want to produce is ticked for the ANE you want to include in the package:

Select Project > Properties > Flex Build Packaging to include the ANE in your app's package

Tip: If you don’t see your .ane file listed in the Flex Build Packaging > Native Extensions dialog, add it to the project: Project > Properties > Flex Build Path > Native Extensions > Add ANE…

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