You know you’ve been inside for too long, when you look out the window and see green leaves where there was snow only… what, yesterday? And then you notice a bunch of missed calls and a couple of texts on your phone from friends checking whether you’re still alive.
Hey, Irka & Blister, I ain’t dead!

We’ve been busy at DiaDraw and we’re happy with the result. IdeaDraw, our iPad app is currently waiting for approval to be released on the App Store, but we love it so much, we thought we’d share it with you:

About the Author

Radoslava is co-founder of DiaDraw. Prefers to communicate with images. Verbal communication always caused trouble with her parents. Started speaking Basic early on, followed by four years of Delphi, six years of C++, four years of ActionScript, lately converses in Objective-C. Her mum and dad hope she'll start speaking human at some point.