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Here is what’s new with the Camera Native Extension:

  1. Fixed a memory leak in applyFilters(), reported by our reader decapyre.
  2. Improved thread synchronisation.
  3. Introduced a separate frame rate for consuming frames (see REFRESH_RATE_FRAMES_PER_SECOND in CameraTestAppHomeView.mxml).
  4. Introduced NativeCameraExtensionEvent.CAMERA_STARTED to signal when the camera is ready to produce frames.
  5. The byte order in the frame ByteArray is now taken care of by the ANE.
  6. Note: getFrameBuffer()’s signature has changed:
 public function getFrameBuffer(
 _bufferData : ByteArray,
 _lastFrameIndex : Number,
 _previewFrameSize : Point ) : Number

Download the ANE

April 2014 update: We have turned this project into a step-by-step tutorial with complete source code. Check it out on our new website,

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