The Easy Native Extensions eBook proved itself as a must have in the tool set of an iOS ANE developer for the last couple of years. As some of our readers put it:

“Your eBook on ANE’s is one of the best investments I have made. The excellent explanations and example code have saved me hours of trial-and-error.”, Andrew Rapo, Founder of Quahog Entertainment

“… does a brilliant job of detailing how to wrap up the whole build, packaging, and deployment process into a single Ant script.”, Christopher Caleb, Author of ‘Flash iOS Apps Cookbook’

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New edition coming out on June 2nd 2015

Keep reading to find out what’s new in the second edition.

Free update for first edition readers

The new edition of the book comes with a lot of added value and the new prices will reflect that.

However, if you already have the first edition or download it here before June 2nd, you will get the next one for free. Effectively you get the new version at the old price!

What’s new in the second edition?

Easy Native Extensions - Jedi Master PackageWe took a lot of input from conversations we had with readers when we worked on the new edition of the book.

Padawan Package

  • updated to reflect the iOS 8 changes;
  • and the latest AIR SDK (currently 17);
  • shows you how to use third party frameworks and libraries in your ANE in several ways;
  • makes sure your ANEs have 64-bit support.

Jedi Knight Package

Apart from everything that’s included in the Padawan Package, the additional Debugging Guide book in this one:

  • guides you through the new ways of working with Xcode 6;
  • teaches you where to look for build problems and how to diagnose them, so you can save time arguing with the tool chain;
  • has updated source code included for all tutorials.

Jedi Master Package

This one comes with the most value of all:

  • a whole additional 60+ page book which shows you how AIR data is represented at the iOS side and walks you through building a library for converting ActionScript types into native data, including: date and time, custom objects, containers (dictionary, set, array, vector), byte data (ByteArray and raw bytes), JSON data, image and pixel data;
  • the full source code for the conversion library is included, so you can start using it out of the box.

Is there a free eBook sample?

Yep. Download it here.

Am I eligible for a free update?

We will keep the old, lower prices, until the first edition of the eBook is available until June 2nd this year. Buying the current edition entitles you to a free update to the second.

You can get the current edition here.

About the Author

Radoslava is co-founder of DiaDraw. Prefers to communicate with images. Verbal communication always caused trouble with her parents. Started speaking Basic early on, followed by four years of Delphi, six years of C++, four years of ActionScript, lately converses in Objective-C. Her mum and dad hope she'll start speaking human at some point.