Error message

Error 105: application.initialWindow.content contains an invalid value


You are likely to see this error message when you compile your AIR project on the command line for the first time.

When you create your AIR project, an app descriptor file is automatically created for it. It’s typically called YourApp-app.xml (if your project is called YourApp) and most, but not all values are set in it. One of the values that are not usually set is <content> within the <initialWindow> tag.

When you use Flash Builder’s IDE to compile your project, the IDE makes a copy of your app descriptor file and fills in the <content> value in the copied file. If you compile your project on the command line, you need to set the value of <content> yourself.


Open your project’s app descriptor, typically called YourApp-app.xml and located in the root folder of your project, and locate the <content> tag inside the <initialWindow> tag:


<!-- The main SWF or HTML file of the application. Required. -->

<!-- Note: In Flash Builder, the SWF reference is set automatically. -->

<content>[This value will be overwritten by Flash Builder in the output app.xml]</content>


Replace the text in the square brackets with your app’s SWF file name:


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