We are proud to announce the first update of our whiteboard sketching app IdeaDraw.
What is so great in this update?

  • Dropbox support: put your sketches in a folder, a little magic and poof and they appear on all of your team’s devices, ready to be opened and discussed – no need to e-mail and download!
  • support for the new iPad Retina Display: now with even more pixels to unleash your creativity.

Last minute news!

IdeaDraw for iPad is now an official Campfire Extra: http://campfirenow.com/extras
Thank you, 37signals!

What is IdeaDraw for iPad anyway?

For those of you who have only just heard about it, IdeaDraw is the sketching iPad app we made for ourselves and decided to release on the App Store for others to use too.

What we wanted was:

The shortest path between having an idea and sharing it,
even when part of the team is not online.
Although we are a small team, we are spread across time zones and don’t necessarily get struck by ideas at the most convenient of times…

To stick to our usual tools for sharing: Dropbox, Campfire and e-mail.
And there are more coming: we are adding FogBugz and Basecamp sharing soon. Watch this space!

To be able to edit our sketches in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.
Or, if you prefer, any other vector-editing software!

We wanted a tool that would boost our creativity without the need for us to become artists.

We transformed this into ones and zeroes

IdeaDraw comes with a pen and an eraser. That’s basically it! Simple.
Noone is perfect with the pen, so you can redo and undo with unlimited number of steps. The eraser lets you select only the strokes you want to delete.

IdeaDraw exports vectors as PDF, the most popular vector-editing format. Lines get smoothed out as you draw. There are quick pen sizes and colors to speed sketching up. There are also transparent colors, so you can highlight the things that matter!

And all of this can be e-mailed, Dropboxed or fired up to Campfire with just a couple of taps!

Check out the main features here: http://ideadrawapp.com/

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