IdeaDraw, our iPad app, is now available on the App Store!

As people who tend to mostly communicate in sketches and images, we developed IdeaDraw as a tool for ourselves at first.

Our focus was on making something that:

Is simple to use

All you have is a pen and a canvas.

Sure, you can change the pen thickness and color. There’s even transparency for you highlight lovers! But pen and paper are usually enough to get an idea across.

Yet has a versatile output

IdeaDraw exports vectors to PDF, which you can fine-tune later with most vector-editing software like Adobe Illustrator or InkScape.

This is how we tend to create the cartoon characters for our blog.

Speeds up productivity

With a tap or two you can share your ideas via e-mail or drop them directly into a Campfire chat:

Wait, that’s not all!

There is more to come. Our team is currently working on:

  • an iPhone edition.

Check it out:

We love using IdeaDraw and we hope you will too!

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