It was about time we updated the Camera AIR Native Extension for iOS 7 and AIR SDK 4.0.

We also fixed a couple of bugs along the way, including this one, reported by

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Set camExt.startVideoCamera( NativeCameraExtension.PresetPhoto, 24, 50, false);
2. bytearray returned with dimension 852 * 640, which is good
3. after converting the obtained bytearray to bitmapdata, the bitmap image is distorted and unusable

* All other presets work very well in the code when I replace PresetPhoto with any other preset.

This has now been fixed.

Download the ANE

The quickest way to get the updated ANE is to download it here.

Where is the manual?

For instructions on how to use the iOS camera ANE, check out the project’s WiKi page.

Need the code?

April 2014 update: We have turned this project into a step-by-step tutorial with complete source code. Check it out on our new website,

What’s next?

Expect step-by-step tutorials for how to make your own Camera ANE or how to extend the we’ve released. Soon to be published on

We will also be taking questions and feature requests. If you can’t wait, post yours in the comments below.

Want more functionality and Android support?

Check out our DiaDraw Native Camera Driver.

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