Hi there, Manuel again.

From some of my previous ramblings you are already familiar with some of the individuals I have to work with and the dynamic among us. I intend to introduce you to them a bit more intimately through a series of posts on Class Diagrams. And I mean very intimately: I’ll be talking anatomy, relationships, hierarchy, embarassing associations…

What is a Class Diagram?

You can find the boring definition of UML Class Diagram here.

Slightly less boring definition: a Class Diagram describes what types of things (objects) take part in a system, what they have, what they can do for you and reveals relationships between them.

If you want to know more details, delve into the next posts:

The anatomy of a class

Shows you how the structure of a class is represented in UML.

You can read the full post here.

Class relationships

Talks about the various affairs and correlations that classes and parts of a system can get themselves into.


I’ll be adding links to more posts, as I write them…




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Manuel grew up in a small town. Went on to study Computer Science in a low level university in a slightly bigger town. Tried smoking for the first time. Didn't like it. Has been an employee of A Corporation, writing mostly C++ code for the last nine years. Bear with him.