Let us talk about inspiration and ways to channel it.

I tend to get mine in the toilet. Sounds a bit wrong, especially in the light of what we tend to see in adverts for gadgets or apps these days.

These typically picture a pretty girl or a smart looking guy sitting in a cafe, gazing at the city skyline with blurred eyes. Depending on which country you watch from, there is the compulsory mug of tea or cup of coffee there too. Then the main character gets an idea, grabs their gadget, launches an app and starts being creative. Boom!

My experience with trying to achieve ad-like inspiration goes somewhat against that grain. It normally involves running after a bus to get to the middle of town, then a sprint to jump in the elevator (my favourite cafe is on top of a tall building), being elbowed by other people (two old ladies), who seem to be in competition with me for the table with the most impressive view… Then somebody wearing a staff shirt approaches to wipe the table I’ve managed to sit at. Appreciated, but kind of getting in the way of my trying to gaze at the skyline in the wait for a great idea.How about that for a creativity booster? I didn’t think so either.

On the other hand, the toilet tends to be a rather zen kind of place, where I can become one with my mind and soul. I am on my own, nobody is bugging me and I have all the time in the world to get in the zone. Metaphorically speaking. And if thing are going, ahem… smoothly, I’m a happier person too. And when I’m happy ideas just start popping up.So, when I hear that “creativity may strike everywhere” (hi, Adobe!), I tend to take it quite literally.

We proudly present you IdeaDraw, for capturing your Aha! moments anywhere, even in the toilet. Especially in the toilet.

The cool cartoon is courtesy of zlotence.

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